The Dark Rift is a bonus dungeon in Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior.


The Dark Rift can be found in a room in the Shadow Temple. Access to the room is blocked off until after Sinjid has completed all 20 levels of the Human Gateway. The Dark Rift is home to some of the toughest enemies in the game.

The Dark Rift consists of five levels, and each is accessed by a gateway in the room its located in. Also in the room are several NPCs. Two serve as equipment merchants: one offers a variety of weapons, shields, and armor, while the other offers a set of special shadow armor, all of which affect speed in some manner, making them useful for those of the Shadow Ninja class. One NPC will inform the player of the Dark Rift, while the other provides a hint on how to defeat one of the monsters.


Shadow MerchantEdit

  • Shadow Katana
  • Shadow Spirit
  • Shadow Wrist
  • Shadow Band
  • Shadow Armor

Ultimate MerchantEdit

  • Golden Blade
  • Ion Bo
  • Guard Blade
  • The Guardian
  • Voodoo Shield
  • Golden Band
  • Golden Armor

Enemy DropsEdit

  • Fallen Sword: Level 3
  • Fallen Shield: Level 3


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