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There are five levels of difficulty in Sinjid Battle Arena. Each one includes its own stages as well as the ones in the levels of difficulty before it.

Level Beginner[]

Level Experienced[]

  • Stage 6 - Metal Tailed Moth
  • Stage 7 - Undead Hero
  • Stage 8 - Grim Reaper
  • Stage 9 - Skeleton
  • Stage 10: Boss - Dark Knight

Level Advanced[]

  • Stage 11 - Spell-casting Zombie
  • Stage 12 - Soul Reaper
  • Stage 13 - Yellow Demon
  • Stage 14 - Spirit Bug
  • Stage 15: Boss - Time Bomb

Level Expert[]

  • Stage 16 - Golden Skeleton
  • Stage 17 - Undead Magi
  • Stage 18 - Dark Executioner
  • Stage 19 - Blue Demon
  • Stage 20: Boss - Shadow Reaper

Level Terminator[]

  • Stage 21 - Titanium Skeleton
  • Stage 22 - The Final Demon
  • Stage 23 - The Mythical Knight
  • Stage 24 - Spirit Reaper
  • Stage 25: Boss - Shadow of the Reaper

General Tactics[]

Most enemies in Sinjid Battle Arena will use two attacks. One melee type, and one ranged type. All melee attacks can be blocked by Sinjid's basic attack, or interrupted by abilities that cannot miss, such as Enhanced Shurikens. All ranged attacks cannot be blocked, however they can be dodged or interrupted if Sinjid performs any type of melee attack. Ranged attacks can also be interrupted by Sinjid's ranged attacks if they strike the enemy immediately after they initiate a ranged attack.

If an enemy initiates a melee attack immediately after being struck by Sinjid's basic attack, they will get hit and their attack will be blocked. If Sinjid attacks an enemy that is walking back after performing a melee attack, Sinjid will be blocked.

Combat Bugs[]

If Sinjid initiates an attack immediately after taking damage that will result in Sinjid's life being equal to or less than 0, Sinjid's health resets back to 0. Sinjid will remain alive until the next time damage is taken without initiating an attack.

If the game is paused when Sinjid's action bar is filled, you can attack freely without worry of being blocked. This can also be used to block, dodge and interrupt enemy attacks.

If Sinjid casts a non-attacking spell the exact moment that an enemy's attack lands, the attack will be negated.