Sinjid Lady Akari MINIBOSS
Dai'Jin Mines
Easy 3060 Health, 100 Mana

Normal 3480 Health, 100 Mana

Hard: 4800 Health, 100 Mana
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Lady Akari is the first boss fought in the Dai'Jin Mines. She is notable for casting high damage fireballs. She has about 3000 health on easy and 5000 on hard. Whenever you get near her, sometimes, she stuns you in midair. Her recharge time is very fast which means you have to stop her before she does that.


One thing that most players trip on are: Her fireballs. Each does 300-400 damage, and you have to be very careful not to get hit by them. She can also heal fast, so get your weapon that does the most damage. Try to maintain patience, and use any healing abilities you have.

Also a good strategy is to use ranged weapons, sice it is very difficult to dodge the fireballs up close. therefor the warrior will need to perform another strategy like stunning her or interrupting her casting, because warriors lack ranged attacks.

In Hard Mode, each of her fireballs can defeat Sinjid in one hit.

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