Sinjid Lord Dai'Jin BOSS
Dai'Jin Mines

Easy: 2500 Health, 50 Mana

Normal: 2840 Health, 50 Mana

Hard: 3920 Health, 50 Mana

Lord Dai'Jin is the boss of the Dai'Jin Mines. He has an array of offensive moves which include a powerful shockwave type of spell, a charge attack, and a stun attack (does virtually no damage.) Lord Dai'Jin can also pull you towards him with a homing kunai if you get too far away. Something unique about Lord Dai'Jin however is the fact that whenever you hit him, he gains one stack of Immunity. Immunity stacks up to 5 times, and for every stack of it that Dai'Jin has, he takes 15% reduced damage along with rapid healing. The best way to fight Dai'Jin is to only hit him once with a strong attack, wait for a couple seconds until Immunity wears off, and repeat. Try not to get too far away from him though as the homing kunai along with his charge attack and shockwave type spell can send you straight to the grave!

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