Scout Eri is a non playable character from Sinjid.


Eri is part of the Empire's army, led by Captain Masaru, captain of the Imperial Guards. Her main duty is to scout out the enemy and bring intelligence back to the Army.

she appears only briefly in Ryomura Village, and usually appears. at the beginning of the quest levels. At that point she will inform Sinjid of the battle capabilities of the level's warlord. After Sinjid returns from the Burial Grounds after defeating Warlord Niroshi, both he and Eri are informed that the Imperial Army has been kidnapped by Midori, a witness of the event. Eri is hopeful for Masaru's survival. Midori chooses to take both Sinjid and Eri to The Emerald Temple, though Eri needs convincing that Midori is trustworthy.

Sinjid is later able to rescue Masaru and continue the quest to defeat the warlords, with Eri acting as a scout the entire time. After Sinjid defeats Warlord Asura, Eri returns to the Empire along with the rest of the army.

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