Assassins are fast and lethal, but can be vulnerable when caught off guard.</p>


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Basic/Starting SkillsEdit

Note: Skill scalings are rounded to the nearest integer; 5.5 -> 6 | 5.4->5.

'x Upgrades' means you can put X amount of skill points into the skill (first point unlocks the skill, more points upgrade it); if it isn't listed ,it means you can only put 1 skill point into the skill.


CD: 0.7 sec | Attack the enemy with a quick strike.

Scale: Wpn 0.7 / Str 0.2 / Agi 0.1

Kick Edit

CD: 8 sec | Kick the enemy and gain Offensive Momentum. This increases the damage of your next Strike by 200%. | Scale: Str 0.8 / Agi 0.8. Interrupts Casting.


CD: 120 sec | Instantly recover Health. | Heals for [Vitality x 4.5, rounded up]. Scale: Vit 4.5

Notes: Max HP is Vitality x 20. Thus, Potion heals for 22.5% of the user's health.

Row 1Edit

Poison Strike (3)Edit

30 Focus. CD: 9 sec. Strike and poison the enemy, dealing damage over time. Scale: Wpn 1 / Int 0.3/0.55/0.8 / Agi 0.3.

  • Poisoned (I/II/III): This unit is poisoned - taking damage, losing Focus, and moving slower.
  • Ticks every 2 seconds. Damages for 13/??/22 per tick. Scales with Intellect / Agility. Draining 3/4/5 focus per tick. Decreases Speed by 25%.
  • Intellect at 30, Agility at 58.13/??/22 per tick.
  • Intellect at 21, Agility at 39. 9/??/15 per tick.
  • Tick damage is at Int 0.15/0.20/0.25 / Agi 0.15/0.20/0.25 at rank 1/2/3.

Adrenaline (2) Edit

Passive. Each attack has a chance to grant you Rush which recovers your Health and Focus, and increases your damage. Rush 50/100% Proc Chance.

  • Rush: This unit is recovering Health and Focus, and dealing additional damage.
  • Ticks every 1 second. Healing for .06 / .12 / .18 / .24 / .30 / .36 Vit per tick. Scales with Vitality. Restoring 1/2/3/4/5 Focus per tick. Damage dealt: +4/8/12/16/20%.

Shadow Reflex (2) Edit

CD: 15/10 sec. Gain double Agility and 100% Critical Hit chance for your next attack. Also instantly restores Focus. Restores 35 Focus.

Stun (3) Edit

15 Focus. CD: 13/11/9 sec. Strike and stun the enemy. Scale: Wpn 1 / Str 0.3/0.65/1. Stuns for 2.5 seconds.

Row 2Edit

Slay (3)Edit

Requires 1 point in Adrenaline. 35 Focus. CD: 4 sec. A mighty strike that consumes all stacks of Rush for extra power. Scale: Wpn 1.4/1.55 /1.7 / Str 0.5/0.7/0.9. Buff Bonus: 20% per stack.

Heal (3) Edit

Requires 1 point in Adrenaline. 20 Focus. CD: 8/7.5/7 sec. Cast: 1.5/1/0.5 sec. Heal and dispel yourself (or an ally). Consumes all stacks of Rush for extra power. Scale: Int 2.5/2.6/2.7. Buff Bonus: 20% per stack.

  • Healing: This unit is recovering Health. Ticks every 3 seconds. Healing for 0.4 Int per tick. Scales with Intellect. 5 ticks total. The heal can crit.
  • Not affected by Shadow Reflex.

Spectral Dash (5) Edit

30 Focus. CD: 6 sec. Dash forward, evading attacks and damaging enemies. Scale: Agi 1.1 / 1.22 / 1.34 / 1.46 / 1.58.

Shuriken (3) Edit

20 Focus. 7 CD. Throw a shuriken to damage and mini-stun an enemy. Scale Agi 0.7/0.85/1. Stuns for 1.2 seconds.

Row 3Edit

Sudden Death (1)Edit

Requires 1 Point in Slay. Passive. Slay gains 100% Critical Hit chance if you strike the enemy from behind.

Furious Strikes (3) Edit

Passive. Your Strike ability is granted a 10/20/30% chance to double-hit.

Blur (2) Edit

Requires 1 Point in Spectral Dash. Passive. Upgrade Spectral Dash, decreasing Cooldown by 1/2 second, and reducing Focus costs by 10/20.

Marksman (1) Edit

Requires 3 points in Shuriken. Passive. Throw two Shurikens instead of one.

Row 4Edit

Rank 3 requires Level 10.

Devastation (3)Edit

Requires 3 points in Furious Strikes. Passive. Lowers the Cooldown of Strike by 0.1/0.2/0.3 seconds, and increases its damage by 5/10/15%.

Earth Affinity (3)

Passive. Increases Strength of this unit by a fraction of its Agility. Gain 10/20/30?% Agility as Strength.

Wind Affinity (3)

Passive. Increases Intellect of this unit by a fraction of its Agility. Gain 10/20/30?% Agility as Intellect.

Quickening (1)

Reduces the Cooldown of all your abilities by 10%.

Row 5Edit

Rank 1 requires Level 11.

Defensive Reflex (2)Edit

Passive. Requires 1? point in Earth Affinity. Each hit against you will have a chance to proc Blade Shield, blocking the next attack against you. Blade Shield 10% Proc Chance.

Smoke Bomb (3)

25 Focus. CD: 27 sec. Throw a smoke bomb, suffocating nearby enemies and protecting yourself against projectile attacks.

Constitution (3)

Passive. Increases all stats. Increases All Stats by 3%.

Cruelty (3)

Passive. Requires 1? point in Wind Affinity. Each attack has a chance to apply Exposed the target[sic]. This increases damage taken by 25% for 3 seconds. Exposed 5% proc chance.

Row 6 (ULTIMATE)Edit

You can only have ONE Ultimate skill at a time. Requires Level 15.

Vanish (1)Edit

Passive. Requires 3 points in Smoke Bomb. Smoke Bomb also causes you to turn invisible for 7 seconds, or until you attack. Attack from None deal 50% extra damage, and will briefly stun the target.

Mirage (1)

20 Focus. CD: 30 sec. Create a copy of yourself to help you fight for 15 seconds.

Builds & StrategiesEdit

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