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About Sinjid[]

Sinjid is a series of role-playing strategy-based action-adventure flash games created by Krin. It revolves around the eponymous character "Sinjid", who is a shinobi (ninja).

There are three games in the Sinjid series up to now: "Sinjid Battle Arena", "Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior" and "Sinjid". Although all titles in the series are not much canon with each other, each of them have some elements in common with each other, like the main character, which is Sinjid himself, a battle system with equipment, skill system, level system, equipment upgrades, and more.

The series as a whole carries a past Japan theme, and in the case of "Sinjid", Japan is explicitly referenced as its setting. For this reason, melee weapons such as swords are the primary weapons. However, the setting is also different and advanced in some other ways compared to the real early Japan, such as the prevalence of magical abilities being an element of the series.

The first title, "Sinjid Battle Arena" is a simple turn-based strategy RPG. The second title, "Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior", is also a turn-based strategy RPG, although its RPG elements are much better developed than Battle Arena, resulting in a gameplay style similar to Krin's other tactical RPG series, "Sonny". Unlike "Sinjid Battle Arena", "Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior" also provides some background story, although the information is little and is only mentioned in the beginning.

The third title in order of release is simply named "Sinjid", and this game is a major change in the flow of the series. The battle system has been completely overhauled, and the previous turn based battle system has been replaced with a real time strategy and action-based battle system. This title is a reboot of the story, and it provides a proper, fleshed-out story to drive the progress.

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