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This is a list of skills that are used by Sinjid during battle in Sinjid Battle Arena. They are listed in terms of normal and passive skills and in terms of classes.

Normal skills are skills that can be used as a direct active attack. Passive skills are skills that can't be "used" like normal skills, because they are always activated during battle once Sinjid has them.

To unlock Class B active skills or passive skills, Class C active skills or passive skills must have at least one point spent on each skill respectively. To unlock Class A skills, Class B skills must be spent on in the same way.

Normal Skills[]

Class C[]

  • Energy Discharge
  • Enhanced Shurikens
  • Heal

Class B[]

  • Leeching Blade
  • Vengence Stab
  • Ancient Curse

Class A[]

  • Spirit Shockwave
  • Force Shield
  • Chaotic Rush

Passive Skills[]

Class C[]

  • Extra Elements
  • Frenzy

Class B[]

  • Flaring Out-Blast
  • Third Eye

Class A[]

  • Enternal Courage
  • Rinkaizen


  • Note that "Vengence Stab" and "Enternal Courage" have spelling mistakes on purpose here, because the game had these spelling mistakes too. The correct spelling would be "Vengeance Stab" and "Internal Courage".