Hard: 9760 Health, 100 Mana

Has 4 abilities.

Auto Attack (real name unknown): A basic attack ability.

Heavy Strike (Real name unknown): Charges for a second to unleash a powerful blow. Can be interrupted.

Furious Charge: Instant activation, speed increased by 40 and deals 20% more damage. Can be dispelled.

Deep Focus: Stuns but heals him rapidly (about 400+ every 2 seconds). Cannot be dispelled or interrupted in any way.

Strategies for Hard: Edit

General Edit

Regardless of class, it is advised to get the Shogun Flame Bo and the Fancy Robes before the fight. In particular, the Shogun Flame Bo's Fire Jailor ability is handy, giving occasional free stuns throughout the battle, not to mention its unparalleled (at the time) damage.

Unlike previous bosses, Asura does not have a constant healing buff on him. Unfortunately, at half health he begins to use Deep Focus, which will stun him but rapidly heal him as well.

Either disrupt the charge of Heavy Strike or get out of the way; it can easily deal more than half of a warrior's health in one go, even without Furious Charge's buff. Blocking it is essentially futile; its extreme damage will make blocking useless (on a warrior, 800+ damage), unless you have high vitality, strength and defense.

Furious Charge will allow him to relentlessly pursue and constantly damage you. Stuns are best saved for Furious Charge, dispelling it will result in Asura instantly attacking you if you are in range.

Deep Focus can be a bane or a boon depending on damage output; 400+ health per 2 seconds may be a lot, but if your dps is higher you can outdamage the heal, especially when you don't have to worry about dying. On the other hand, Deep Focus ensures that any tanky build trying to chip away at Asura will fail. (although previous bosses with high healing abilities should've already deterred players from trying it in the first place)

Warriors Edit

As always, Brutal Advantage and Concentrated Brew are extremely useful and nigh essential for any boss fight. Slam can disrupt the charge of the strong attack, although against Furious Charge the knock back is mitigated by the speed buff.

Kunai Sting has multiple uses; with No Escape it can buy some time by landing it after Furious Charge has ended and running to the other side of the room. It can also be used to reposition Asura, pulling him behind you if you're close enough - simultaneously avoiding Heavy Strike and revealing his back for attacking.

Shuriken can dispel Furious Charge, and with Blackout Stun it can give the player some time to drink potions and eat before returning to fight.

Assassins Edit

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Priests Edit

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